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Natural Element Homes has a rich history in the log home and timber home industry and has been a principal innovator within the industry since the turn of the century. We are clearly leaders within the industry and enjoy watching other companies look to Natural Element Homes for their inspiration and direction.

Every Natural Element Home is designed with energy efficiency in mind, and our exclusive EnergyLock™ Building Systems help save you money ... every month ... forever!

Whether your Natural Element Home will be a Log Home, a Timber Frame Home, a Hybrid Home, or a HiPerformance Modular Home, we have an EnergyLock™ Building System to match. Our systems use the latest technology in energy efficiency to reduce air leakage, protect R-value, and save energy. And this all translates into you keeping more green in your pocket each month. It's an airtight argument!

Utilizing timber post and beam, with wood joinery held in place by wooden pegs, timber frame structures are made to last hundreds of years. Allowing the homeowner to vary the wood look throughout the home, timber frame uses a mixture of tongue & groove, drywall and other materials to create a strikingly beautiful, energy efficient, building system.

Timber frame construction itself is a centuries old art form. Historic yet modern, timber frame homes offer a best-of-both-worlds experience. The style itself is a timeless architectural form anchored in antiquity; however, the exposed posts and beams distinctly express 21st century elegance. The timber frame is an intricate web of parts that both support and beautify a home – every piece is as necessary to the structure as it is to the style.

Timber framing is a specific type of post-and-beam construction made of solid wood timbers, usually joined by mortise-and-tenon joinery and traditional wooden pegs. In timber framing, joinery is practically the definition of the product. Without joinery there is a structure made with post & beam, but it is not a timber frame. Most timber joints are variations on the pegged mortise-and-tenon – a tongue on one timber is received by a slot in the other.

Our frames are precision cut by our factory network using Hundegger K2 amchines to create pegged joinery methods. If you enjoy viewing perfection, this cutting system achieves unbelievable results. The Hundegger K2 is a computer-driven CNC machine that uses CAD drawings, robotic arms, and a variety of heads and bits to precision-cut the intricate parts and pieces that make up the timber frame.

Who says beauty is only skin-deep? It’s obvious that Natural Element Homes are the most beautiful homes available. From the outside, you are captured by dramatic curb appeal. From
the inside, you are surrounded by stunning good looks. But looks aren’t everything. Underneath the beauty lies the finest building system available. The THE HYBRID BUILDING SYSTEM® (HBS) is simply a better way to build a structurally superior home, in less time, with less job site waste and at a higher standard of quality than has ever been possible. With the HBS, we have optimized the way homes are designed and built to provide you the highest level of flexibility and quality.

A Natural Element Home® built with THE HYBRID BUILDING SYSTEM® combines the beauty of log, timber and other Natural Elements® with the quality and consistency of Engineered Wood Products (or conventional building materials). The HBS increases design efficiency by providing engineering documentation and materials schedules for the structural shell while utilizing non-structural log and timber systems as key architectural elements. The HBS delivers cost-effective curb appeal by utilizing factory-built Natural Elements® to dress the structural shell of the home. An HBS Natural Element Home® is a high-performance home with an elevated level of design and construction efficiency and unsurpassed beauty.

We are very good at what we do, and you will be the beneficiary of our expertise. Truly, your Natural Element Homes experience is all about YOU.

At Natural Element Homes, you should expect the very best in home design and in natural materials. You should expect the best of options for building your home of homes. We've put it all together under one roof to make it easy for you. Whether you want a log home, a true timber frame / SIP panel home, a Hybrid log and timber home, or a HiPerformance modular home, whatever building method is best for you, make it A NATURAL ELEMENT HOME®!

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